January photo a day

I haven't been slack...still taking my photos but not having any internet to upload :(

5th January, 2013 : Movement 

Always on the move Aden is riding his bike 50 kilometres ( approx 31 miles) every second day.  He chooses a destination and rides there.  I am in awe of his fitness and dedication!!  Quite often I am sitting relaxing (and in the same position) when he come back!.  His training regime is punishing!

6.1.13: Mine

Couldn't decide on which photo to use today...... I've decided to use these two.  Three of my children love having their photo taken and will ham it up at every opportunity and one flatly refuses (Aden) to let me take his photo, he will only pose for family ones.

7.1.13: Street

My street for a while.

8.1.13: something beginning with T

Enjoyed a lovely day exploring the fabulous wineries in the area  today.  The only problem is Mark and I don't have the heart to taste all the wines and NOT buy anything....  We came home with a few pity purchases LOL but as they are all shiraz (our fav) they will NOT go to waste bahahahahaha...

9.1.13 PAPER

Out driving today, I was at a loss with today's prompt.  We had come to a stop light and I looked over at this shop window spotted  this mannequin dressed in colourful paper rosettes! lucky it was a long set of lights!!!

10.1.13 ONE O'CLOCK

Aden and Lachlan are involved in the Vic Swim Program while we are here.  As they are both qualified Instructors, they thought it would be a great way to earn some money whilst on holidays.  They would only be sleeping anyway!!  They are starving when they get back though, so lunch needs to be ready and waiting.

11.1.13 :- WATER

Every year my friend and I walk from a Lighthouse to a local beach cafe. It is roughly 10 kilometres (6 miles) and usually it is a nice walk and we feel great after completing it and reward ourselves with a yummy breakfast at the cafe.  This year the husbands came, high tide made walking difficult by sinking in wet sand and NO breakfast....  Not bringing them next time.

11/1/13: Surprise

Today we went to a mussel festival and the kids seem to enjoy it.  Lots of music, rides and stalls selling their wares.  Mark and I went and had a coffee by the beach and this lovely old ship came sailing by. Reminded of a pirate ship and looked out of place, really with all the new modern boats alongside it. Didn't come home with any mussels this year.

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