Well hello!

well how is that eh? give myself a good old pat on the back of how gooooood I am posting everyday and then NOTHING! sorry............
I had the most wonderful Christmas. Granted I left everything till the last minute and I did learn from that......never will I do that again! The kids got pretty much everything they wanted although we did downsize a little seeing as Santa is no longer an issue anymore. The older kids just couldn't convince Paddy to humour me for another Xmas and they paid the price bahahhhahahhha!

Forgot to do the family photos until the end of the night and this was the best of a bad bunch!
Aden & Patrick took part in the Ocean Grave Rip to River run and Aden was a minute and a half longer than his time last year but the bad weather apparently (according to the organisers) pushed the tide earlier and runners had to run on soft sand. Anyway really happy with Aden's run of 46 minutes for the 10 ks

Patrick also competed in the nippers race of 1.4k and realises how unfit he is since quitting jets! still he did it in a great little time.

anyway that is it for now!


aussiescrapper said...

Yes I know exactly how it can be Ange, one day turns into 3 then 6. Life gets so busy, the Christmas photo is gorgeous and congrats to the boys for completing that gruelling event, wow just finishing is wonderful. Hope you have a wonderful 2010 and look forward to keeping in touch.

ndhearn said...

We forgot our photo this year...we had a house full of croup...YAY...lol. My god, do your boys ever sit still :).
Happy New Year, Ange.

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Even if it is the end of the day that's a fab photo of you and your lovely family. Thanks for sharing.
Congrats to your boys with their runs too. I couldn't run to save myself LOL.