back home rested and relaxed...

and ready to take on the year ahead!  **warning** NO SCRAPPING OR PHOTOS... :( I cannot believe how happy I was to see my own bed and my own toilet!! and I couldn't wait to shower WITHOUT thongs on!  I love being on holidays but I do love to come home.  I can't wait as I am so close to getting my ensuite that I cannot contain myself! 
Back to the hustle & bustle of it all, I have been trying to organise my 2010 classes and it is proving a nightmare! My problem is trying to please everybody and give them the time/teacher/class they request but it isn't that easy and I have left messages and people on holidays and arrrrrrghhhh!
I am so desperate to get in to my little craft room and CREATE but that will be on the back burner for at least the next week (or until the house is back in order!)
better go and feed the family...... (that is the WORST thing about being home!)

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aussiescrapper said...

OMG yes I can concur I would enjoy being without thongs on to go to the toily oily (as Nate describes it) I wear no shoes at home, glad you are home and look forward to seeing some up and coming layouts or cards. LOve Mel, happy new year.