My whole family CHEATS at uno!

Everyone in my house thinks they are the champion at UNO! but I have since found out they have ALL been cheating at these years!  Lachlan is probably the worst at this stage.  He was putting down any card after I had a draw two, he would put 4 cards together and put them down at the same time, he would change colour whenever he wanted, he would pinch a couple of wild cards and sit on them! I never even noticed! Then the other kids confessed they all cheat as well! shocking!  Funny though!

The kids have been surfing every day and the waves have been ok.  I have only been down to the beach a couple of times not a fan of the sand!

Patrick has been going to the river and relaxing !

Just played a game of Scrabble with Patrick and I am SURE napipoo is NOT a word! and he had it on a triple work score! lol

I am so desperate to get back to my scrapping can you tell!........


aussiescrapper said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, loved seeing the photos, and I am pretty sure nappipoo is a word???lol

sandra said...

Sounds like your games will never be boring Ange.
That holiday spot looks fantastic!!