Been busy....

chained to the computer and the phone but not for pleasant activities like surfing the net and reading blogs and fun stuff......no all work! Everytime I put the phone down, it rings again.  Good for me I suppose but gosh a lot of work!!!
On our last day at the van we took the kids for a little mini golf! Mark & I didn't play didn't want to show the kids up! lol It was packed so quite slow moving on some holes.

Mark & I decided to have a cuppa and we left them for a while (they were playing 18 holes!) well that is when the cheating started......def ALL from Mark's side of the family as I am honest as when playing games........
when we got home we did the measure and they had all grown (must have been the sea air)

Then on to Bendigo for the basketball tournament! Lots of fun, laughs and time spent with good friends and a little basketball thrown in.  The boys did well and Paddy was starting to regret ( a little) that he wasn't playing.
Lachlan's team started off well but needed to rely on other teams winning or losing to make finals and Aden's team lost all but one.  They played well and considering this was the first time they had played together as a team, they did well.

Yes, he is a little burnt!

Little Patrick started Year 7 and he was more than a little excited, worring about every detail that the others couldn't have cared less about!  Aden, being in year 12 had to start on the Friday as well.

We have to buy some more shirts, he has outgrown these ones!

Anyway I had the house to myself Monday and I certainly did a little happy dance!!! so nice & quiet!

I will be able to get back to it next week once things settle down and I can hardly wait.....

see ya :)


aussiescrapper said...

Love the photos Ange, and yes sometimes plans to have time to yourself just don't seem to go to plan, your boys are so handsome, and look great in their school uniforms, bet you look forward to making some cards etc. Love Melxx

sandra said...

Great photo Ange.
agree with the lady above ^^^
you have a couple of good looking lads there..
Hope work eases up a bit for you and you can enjoy your weekend!