I'M back!

I love my holidays so much! I really need the break at the end of the year and the thought of sitting doing nothing for 4 weeks totally appeals to me! I love the peace and quiet, reading all the books I want, having a champagne with my friends, sneaking off for coffee with Mark while the kids are sleeping and maybe sneaking a brekkie in there too! The kids love to surf and hang with their friends......it is all good! BUT I also love to come home! being in my own bed and using my own bathroom and most of all having my own space....nothing like it!

For years now we have been checking the children's height on the door in the garage. If we ever moved I would have to stipulate that the door is coming too! It is great to see how fast they are growing. We do it when we think about it, probably 3 or 4 times a year, mostly when we think they have grown a bit. Aden had a massive growth spurt (by the amount he is eating, you would want to hope so!) Lach & Paddy an inch each over summer and Christie not a millimetre!! she is done growing!
We went to the Bendigo basketball tournament and the kids all played really well and we enjoyed the weekend. It is a nice way to finish the holidays and catch up with people you haven't seen. No Grand finals this time! :( but hey you can't win them all.
Christie has gone to see twilight again tonight! This will be her third time! I have just started the third book and I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying the story.
Patrick is starting grade 6 on Thursday and already whinging that it is going to be 40 + and he doesn't want to go (the classrooms are airconditioned) bad luck fella one less at home is GOOD thing! Aden & Lachlan start next Tuesday and I think both are looking forward to it! I love having them home but I really want to clean the house with no bodies lying around!

I can't wait to get back into scrapping! I haven't done anything since before Christmas and I really NEED to be creative. Up2Scrap, a NZ mag accepted a LO is submitted a while ago so that was a bit of a buzz! 3AS have a competition running which starts on Feb 1st 3AS UNIVERSITY should be just what I need to get me back into it. The prize is a MM slice! woo hoo! you can still go and enrol (up until Saturday I think).

I have thought long and hard about what my 2009 word should be (Ali Edwards style) I am going to choose PRIORITIZE. I was going to have so many others but I think this word best suits what I am trying to achieve this year. I am not going to sit at the computer and waste the precious spare time I do get. I will set myself goals each day and achieve all the things I wanted done in 2008. Maybe then I will not be so stuffed and cranky at the years end because I have wasted so much time doing things that are not necessary!
anyway I will try and get creative and not blab on next time...
take care x

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