I love summer! I have caught up on all my reading but I haven't done one bit of scrapping :( I have been to the beach, done heaps of walking and eating and drinking! love that Yellow! Christie and I went to the movies last night and saw TWILIGHT. We both just finished the book and decided to go see the movie! We both absolutely loved it! Christie is going again tonight! She came home and read the second one in one night! Now she is really annoyed because everywhere is totally SOLD OUT of the last two books!
Our next door neighbour found a brown snake in his back yard! UGG obviously it was looking for water! Hopefully Molly doesn't see it and chase it!
Oh well just a quick visit take care!

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Sharon said...

Hey Ange, are you back! Just letting you know I'm the world's slowest reader and I've got the 4 Twilight books if you/Christy want to read them. I'm only 3/4 through the first one so let me kwow and I can drop them off. Hope you had a fab time down the beach.