lovin' the dots!!!

I am a total fan of dots & stripes & stars and any pack that comes out .....I am hooked!  I just received a gorgeous pack from Scrapbook Boutique of all DOTS & STRIPES!!!
My fellow DT'er Sue has an unexplainable fascination with dots too!
I did just HAVE to have both the boy & girl pack and although I am not a bright paper scrapper per say...... I do really like the Candy Shoppe pack just as much as the darker Metropolitan pack.  I have used nearly EVERY single sheet of both packs!!!
Aden went to Japan with his school in 2007 and he happened to be away for his fifteenth birthday.  I have never had a child away for their birthday and I must say I didn't like it one little bit! :( I was lost! I like to make a fuss and take a zillion photos and make their favourite dinner and make/buy their special cake.  Well It was like a normal day for us although, we did have a family photo and held on to a photograph of him lol. 
When he came home, we made a fuss of him but he was so exhausted from his flight, he just did the cake and fell asleep for the next 16 hours!!! Got my photos and a nice cuddle to boot so I was happy!

Go here for tutorial:


Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

I have become dot addicted and your layout INSTANTLY caught my eye on my dashboard. It is awesome. I love it. Love that paper.

Sue Kohler said...

Wow, loving all the dots-lol!!! the banner looks fabulous and your photos are awesome- U Rock! :)

Beth aka BR-T said...

I love this layout it spot-tacular!