Black & White PLUS one

What better colour scheme is there than BLACK & WHITE????
Frosted Designs challenge this week is Black & White PLUS ONE (any other colour you want!)  I chose RED because there really is something eyecatching about these three colours I love.
Go & see what the DT have produced and join in!!!

This is a pic of my #3 Lachlan.  The most placid, easygoing, happy child and a true blessing!!  He is nearly 16 now and I just love him to pieces! This kid has never given me an ounce of trouble (watch out my friends say.....) He was born when there was lots going on in our lives and he is always content to wait without a fuss!  He is the only sibling that gets on with everyone in our house
( NO MEAN FEAT let me tell you!)  He has an uncanny knack for numbers and he can recall scores from football matches played YEARS AGO!! He is also a natural athlete and quite successful in all sports he tries.  Does well in school and has lots of friends and known in our house as the Golden Child!

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Sue Kohler said...

is that more dots I spy??? Another amazing layout, Lachlan is an absolute cutie !! No truer statement said- watch out in the future, no child can be that perfect forever-lol!!