I just NEVER take a good photo!!!

After I lost all my baby weight from having Aden, and there was HEAPS to lose! A  friend who was a armature photographer, just bought a new camera and asked if she could take some random shots.  Not posed, but just natural ones of the kids and I together. I just hate them (of me) loved them of the kids!so I still need to "get over myself" and stop being so critical and just let the pic be taken!!!  I recently went to a friends 50th and there was a slide show of the birthday girl and she must of had 1000 photo's with her in them!! I said to Mark, you'd be luck to find 10 of me!!!  If I ever went missing and they needed a recent picture for identification, they just wouldn't find one or if they did find one, they wouldn't find me because I look 10-15 years older! and they'd be looking for someone different! lol

Anyway..... another LO from the gorgeous Basic Grey Lauderdale 12 x12 pack I received from Scrapbook Boutique. Go to the site for the tutorial :)



Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

Such a gorgeous layout! Love the colours. You are so talented. we never have enough photos of us mummies when the bubs are young. Good on you for losing the baby weight. I've still got mine! eeek. I am going to run out of excuses when they are ten! lol. The photo is such a cute one they will treasure.

HarmonySweetpea said...

This is fabulous Ange. You should not be so camera shy. You're gorgeous! I love the colours of this layout.