In capitals because I am shouting! with happiness! My boys both had football finals this weekend.  Patrick had his FIRST ever final and he was quite excited, but quite sure they were going in as the underdogs! (we have NEVER beaten this team!) they have come close, but just have never come away with the win!  This was a semi between 3rd and 4th and shock horror! we won by 9 points! Everyone was quite surprised but happy all the same, and hopefully we can win next week (highly unlikely but hey you have to be in it to win it!)

a happy and surprised team.

I love this last photo! most of the boys in these two teams are friends and actually play in Rep and domestic basketball together!  It is really nice that after the final siren, and even though we have put them out of the race, they can still all be friends. love it.

We raced over to Lachlan's final, which was played on another ground. And in the first quarter, the opposition just went bang bang bang and our boys were quite shell shocked! we only just got the ball in our forward line once!  I thought (being a little pessimistic!) we are gone! anyway to cut a long story short, after goal for goal we kicked a few last minute goals to win by.....I can't remember, I was so relieved! so Lachlan and his team are in the Grand Final in a fortnight!

sorry no scrapping this post! lol

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aussiescrapper said...

Oh Ange this is just awesome, Nate is sitting right here looking at the photos with me, this is amazing they should both win, when the 1st is the underdogs, (gotta love this word) and Lachlans team won by surprise in the last minutes also, Oh I bet this was super exciting but nerve wrenching also, gee I hope Nate enjoys his sport like your boys, he is enjoying soccer but not sure at 3 if you can make a committment to something when you still want your mum to wipe your bum......lol, thanks for being a great friend. Melxx