Aren't you lucky!

two posts in two days!  Well the Paddy boy is fine and milked it for all it was worth and he miraculously recovered to play basketball this afternoon! Anyway it could have been a lot worse so I am happy that he is ok.
I didn't go to basketball last night so I had a few precious hours to myself! I love these pics of the boys (taken years ago!) and they work really well with the SassLass Monstrosity pp. And I did a quicky card with the extras. Bad pic (sorry!!)

For the last couple of years I have been getting the Kikki K calandars and I really like to decorate the months!  Christie loved it too and wanted one for herself this year.  Christie told me that hers would look so much better than mine........(BRING IT ON!) and you KNOW how I love a competition....... anyway she admitted defeat and I had to do her February one (only because she is lazy and couldn't be bothered!)
anyway here is my Feb one.

Better go and do something..........
see ya :)

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aussiescrapper said...

Wow love that monstrosity papers in your layout and the way you used the letters for their names, the card is awesome and the calendar page is just gorgeous my girl.