As I have bought a new Miele Oven, they offer a............ well I call it a cooking course but it was actually a lesson in how to properly use your oven with some ultra yummy food thrown in!
When we arrived ( I had to book this and it is booked out now until after Jan 2010) we had a beautiful cino and chocolates.  I watched her make it and I am doing the same thing so I think i'll just keep doing what I am doing and more practice for me!

We sat and watched while she explained ALL the functions on all ovens and cooked a delicious frittata, fillet of beef and marinated chicken breasts (which took 14 minutes to cook!) no wonder mine are always burnt!
Roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrots.

I think they thought I was a little weird....taking photos lol
and for dessert we had this delicious berry flan.......and my oven you don't need to blind bake! Hell I probably wouldn't have done it anyway!  I was soooo impressed with how easy this was I went to the Chef's hat during the lunch break and bought a flan dish!

so yummy and so so so easy! I really need to put some more effort into my cooking....


Anonymous said...

What time is dinner?


PS. Don't forget the soy milk!!

Susanne Perry said...

LOL Nat.

Can I come too, looks very yummy Ange. Lovin' the coffee machine too.

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Oh wow, your new toys look divine, hey, do they do all the cooking themselves too?
LOL about pics at the cooking class, it sure does look yummy.

aussiescrapper said...

Wow that looks fantastic, would love that kitchen...