How good is this.....

I have just bought a new Miele Cappacino Machine.....OMG it is AHHHHHHH fantastic and I just love love love love it!  I am still practicing and hopefully will get the coffee not on the sides and just the froth......mmmmm good!


Anyway here are my last two LO for the Wicked Princesses fashionista comp.

My own style with some journaling of myself..... well I have no idea what MY STYLE is I really just go with what grabs me....maybe there is a style and if you think you can see it (coz I can't) please let me know what you think I lean towards.  Since I have turned 40 I have become rather pleased with how I can stick up for myself and not just agree and be a pushover. At 44, I am still a BIT of a pushover BUT I am getting better at saying NO when things don't suit me.

Lachlan and I mucking around (as usual when the camera is on) Maybe that is why there are NEVER any nice photos of me!.

We thought Patrick had broken his arm today! thank goodness it is just badly sprained and not broken and all is good.  NO SKATE PARK for him for a while!



Oh you silly gal dont tell anyone your age cause you look about 20 years younger...wish I did! LOL Love these fun pic's

aussiescrapper said...

I have to agree, you look so much younger, I honestly would have said 30. Your layouts rock lady, put some in the Kats site, just love your "Me at 44" one, very inspirational for this me at 42.