I bought a new car! oh well it isn't a new new car but it is really new and I just love it! It isn't the Audi :( but I'll get that...........eventually! It is a slate grey Ford Focus and it is a manual! I haven't driven a manual car in 26 years but it all came flooding back really quickly! A few stalls and bunny hops later and it was like I'd never stopped!
Still haven't done any crafty things but I am on my way! I have started unpacking and reorganizing and I am brimming with ideas and can't wait to get back to it!
On the family front Aden came 3rd in SACCS cross country and achieved another personal best time! I am constantly amazed at his perseverance with his running and his dedication to his goal. He was to have his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT last Sunday! His instructor rang in the morning and cancelled due to the weather! He was devastated (I was relieved!) For those of you who don't live in Melbourne....It was blowing a gale...my washing was all over the garden and it was absolutely throwing it down. I wouldn't have like to go in a 747 let alone the little plane he flies!Patrick and his U12 boys lost their Preliminary final on Sunday (they played in the disgusting weather) they lost by 2 after winning for most of the match. Ah well...next year.
I coach Patrick's mixed netball side and we were fortunate to win the Regional Championship and are headed off to the state finals in September! Wish us luck!

see you later :)

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