Time to test the waters

I have decided to have a go at the 3 Angels Scrapping "Battle of the Scrappers" should be a bit of fun and it would be nice to see how it goes. I have heaps of ideas ATM but "life" is getting in the way. Washing, ironing, cleaning cooking and running the kids to all their training and stuff is getting in the way of my CREATIVITY! It is funny though, if I didn't have the family, I wouldn't know what to scrap about. I have put a sent a few of my recent LO to SM but they have come back unwanted. BOO HOO:( I have also sent a couple to SC and I would really like them to say Yay or Nay THEY don't even acknowledge if they got them.
Anyway I have scrubbed the house within an inch of its life and I have an hour to spare, so I am going to CREATE!

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