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Hi there,  I love looking at new stamp sets and try to create a card in my mind to see if I will get a lot of use from it.  Sometimes, I will see a new set of stamps with characters that need colouring and have NO IDEA what I would do!!!! Then I see our wonderfully talented DT create something magnificent and I am in awe!!!  I really should use my copics and pencils more (I DO HAVE EVERY COLOUR YOU KNOW!!!)  I love the witty little sentiments and would love to be able to do that.  It is funny, I can pick our DT's card before I have even see who created it!  I am really drawn to shapes and lines and abstract patterns.
As you know (or may not ) we are renovating at the moment and this long and tedious project is impacting on my crafting (as well as other things).  My craft room is the room everything has been placed in whilst we are painting and re carpeting argghhh. It is extremely difficult to get to anything and I am challenging myself to create with whatever I get my hands on in my lucky dip :)
Today's card I wanted to stretch my supplies a little and use the flowers as flower petals.  As usual, I cannot say how FABULOUS the luxe inks are ♥♥♥ such beautiful coverage on large solid stamps and lovely vibrant colours too.  I embossed the scribble because I really wanted it to stand out. As you know there are no mistakes in crafting...... this was going to be a get well soon but I wanted the sentiment where it is and there was not enough room LOL....plan B.
Anyway, Scrapbook Boutique have the products used and instructions on how I put it together too.  Don't forget to try our monthly challenge where a RANDOMLY chosen entry can win.


lostinpaper said...

Oh I do hope you get your crafty space back real soon... I feel for you. But as for stretching your stamps, you rocked it GF!

kazu said...

I come here every day, and I'm looking forward to a new article's being raised.
Thank you

from Kazu (Japan)