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Hey Hello there, I have been trying to use ALL my stamps and I am embarrassed to admit........ I have SO many that I haven't even opened **BLUSH** Therese (my Fellow Scrapbook Boutique Teamie) has the BRILLIANT idea of stamping out her sets when she gets them because they can take on a different look. SHE IS SO RIGHT!!! I have played around with a few and even turned them upside down and back to front ( up coming post) and I will have to admit this is a GEM bit of advice to keep!! Some of my friends (shall remain nameless NC DP) are like me, collectors and hoarders!! TAKE THIS ADVICE GIRLS!! Head on over to Scrapbook Boutique for all instructions and products used to recreate this card (I think there might even be a sale on there at the moment )

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lostinpaper said...

Another fabulous card with such a funky design Angela! So happy that you are looking at your stamps with new eyes, can't wait to see what else you create!