July 4, 2012


I have finally finished with the braces!!!!
4 kids 3 needing orthodontic work........ So I think I have effectively paid off my orthodontist's yacht!!!
It is such a fabulous feeling!! 
Anyway, I thought I'd create a LO to commemorate this fabulous milestone!
The irony is NOT lost on me though, that the picture is of him WITHOUT a teeth smile...lol
I took this picture, whilst we were in the waiting room and he was really nervous and excited.  Nervous because I'd told him, that unless he was extremely diligent with his teeth cleaning and the mouthwash, he would have black marks around the silver squares the braces are attached to.  I know BAD MOTHER, but he was 80-90% good with the cleaning. So it was worth it!!!
Excited because if his teeth were half as good as his brother and sister, he will be jumping for joy!
THEY WERE!!! (but that is another LO.....) 
Head on over to SCRAPBOOK BOUTIQUE to see the step by step instructions on how to create this LO

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lostinpaper said...

Now I want to see the smiling LO.. this one is fabulous!

Sue said...

another clever layout, love the huey's you have used, just perfect! :)