Feeling Better?

EVERYONE is sick at the moment!!Even me! I made the silly boasting statement 3 weeks ago that I NEVER get sick! Teaching children to swim for the last 30 years, I think I've become immune to their germs.....NOT SO!! I have been repeatedly whacked by the germ stick and of course being a wife and mother, you just have to solider on........when all I want to do is get in my jim jams and be a sooky la la!

I should've made this card for myself! lol. Feeling really happy that I have FINALLY MASTERED the Bow Easy!! yay!!(without resorting to YouTube!)
Loved playing with my new toy...MFT Doily!

 Scrapbook Boutique have the step by step Instructions on how to make this card, so pop on over and maybe do a little shopping!


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lostinpaper said...

Hope you are all better soon, I'm a little under the weather today so can totally sympathize. Anyhoo, another fab design, love the texture you created with the embossing!