A quick catch up.....

Hi there, sorry I have been a bit MIA I have been on a little holiday to America and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! We arrived back in Oz on the 23rd December and Christmas was just around the corner so I have been neglectful of the old blog :-( if you want to read about our travels I started a blog, you can see it here
I decided I wasn't going to scrap this holiday as I am still STILL scrapping our 2009 Thailand holiday. I am getting the blog made into a book! Lazy I know but I surely will never catch up otherwise. It was a good way for my friends to see what we were up to whilst I was away.
When we arrived home, my lovely SIL declared Christmas was at her house this year!!!! Up until I heard this (23rd dec) I assumed it was at my house. No Biggy, I thrive under pressure!! But on hearing this was music to my ears!! Never had I been so happy (and relived) at the same time!!
The 23rd was a total loss to us as we were so jet lagged! On the 24th I was up and down the street at 9.00am looking for a parking space! Faced with the daunting task of buying prezzies for everyone ...... I am now secretly thanking the person responsible for inventing gift cards!!!
We had the most lovely of Christmas days and boxing day surrounded by my family and Mark's family with the most delicious food too.
On another note my 2012 word, after a lot of deliberation is, well it is not actually a word, but phrase taken from Michelle Bridges12wbt program.......
Just Freaking Do It!
Yeah I have cleaned it up a little....
Ms procrastinator here!!
No more wasting time.

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Dёm@ said...

Какая у Вас красивая ёлка! С Новым годом Вас и Вашуу семью!=) Счастья и удачи в новом 2012 году!