the middle child!  you hear real horror stories of "the middle child" always fighting for attention and they are "different"  Running my business, I have had the opportunity to observe lots of "middle" children lol!  I read a fabulous book by Michael Grose "Why First borns want to rule the world and Last borns want to change it! I know really long title!!! But it was the best book and I thoroughly could relate to it.  I have four children and the book goes through each child's place in the family and totally accurate (for me and my kiddies it is).

Lachlan is the 3rd of four children so technically he is the middle child! but that is where the similarity ends. 

I have used the Basic Grey Hello Luscious from Scrapbook Boutique I don't think there is a paper from that pack I DON'T like! lol 
Go to the site to see a tutorial on the LO and have a look at our fabulous card challenge!!!


dymo label maker


Anonymous said...

Fab layout! I really like the banner above the photo, what a great idea!

Sue Kohler said...

You make me want a dymo labeller!!! love the decorative strips under the photo!! :)

Debbie said...

Cute layout!!! Love your banner!!! I can relate to your layout as I am the "middle" child!