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I have a lot of incidentals (that sounds nice doesn't it!) that I have to buy for! And I LOVE getting a bottle of wine or Champagne myself! so that is what I have done this year! bought alcohol! to jazz it up a little I have copied an idea from my craft friend Sue and put my own little spin on it of course!!!! easy peasy! and I have about 8 people done & dusted!!!!

Very hectic around here at the moment will all the end of year swimming/testing stuff! Patrick has OD'ed on the lolly bags! They are on holidays now and Mark has put them to work in the garden..... First they spent an hour looking for gardening gloves.... and then they had to use my rubber gloves and I only had one pair so they then spent an hour arguing who was going to wear them! If I had been there (instead of their father!) I would have told them to have one each!
Well I don't think they are going to be landscape gardeners! They did actually do a good job and didn't complain too much! I had to get the camera as proof (and that they were wearing PINK gloves!) lol
They were so exhausted after their hour of gardening that they played PS3 while they recovered!
And Christie is busy supporting her EBAY addiction, working three jobs during her Uni break.  She got a job the other day as a GRID girl at Sandown Races!

The other picture I has is very blurry and I will try and get another one! But in true Grid girl fashion, the dress was VERY short and looked great on ( oh to be 20!)

Finally got (or should I say the penny has dropped) good with my camera.  I just took a couple of my beautiful roses ( it has been raining that much her at the moment) they must really like it!! LOL I am not a green thumb!

Okey dokey! better get back to it!!!


Sandra said...

Love your decorated bottles, they look great. Your photos are stunning too.
Sandra x

aussiescrapper said...

Wow those photos are amazing you took of the roses, lol re: penny dropped, maybe if I read the instructions of mine...... Your daughter is gorgeous and lol re: her addiction and yes I remember the time I had a figure too, GONE...and what a great story about the boys and their gardenning adventures, keep those photos they may be worth something with pink gloves on....and love the idea for the wine aprons...gorgeous. MElxx

Sue Kohler said...

looks like your house has been a buy little hive, good to see the kids pulling their weight and getting in and helping!! love what you have done with the wine bottles- you made them shine!!, it was a shame I didn't get any done this year! :)