My gorgeous little Paddy

is in a bit of agony with his braces he had put on yesterday.  His mouth is a little tender and I have been the poster mother and making him banana smoothies (even though I hate cleaning that stupid blender!) and lots of love and attention and EVEN a day off!

He looks a bit pained in the second one!

He had his dance concert the other night, it was fantastic to watch! Some of the girls,  you could tell had formal training/lessons were great and completely confident on the stage and then there were the others....... Some it was quite obvious they had never been in the spotlight before and were as animated at concrete statues lol!  Patrick was so funny as you will see from the photos that he was completely out of time with everything he was doing and he told me he had no idea what he was doing (Noooo! I couldn't tell mate....) and was just watching the person in front!  (who must of been doing it wrong too!) fabulous just the same!

how funny! we have the music concert tonight....thank goodness he isn't playing the trumpet!



Melleny Ams said...

All that pain will be worth it, in the long run. LOL about the blender, I have the same issue with using mine.

aussiescrapper said...

I think that he looks gorgeous with his braces and yes definately agree it will be so worth it when they come off. The dancing looks great, gotta love the boys dancing all out of time, such a great photo.