loving my life!

I am very happy! Lots of things are making me happy...... Some I can share and some I cannot.
Firstly my beautiful boy Lachlan had his braces taken off today and we are very happy with the results!

we had a great day together, went out for lunch and did a bit of shopping........nothing for me mind you! But he scored a new pair of jeans and new Vans (runners).
Patrick will get his ON next week and after seeing the fabulous results from Lachlan, he is really looking forward to getting them on ( my bank balance isn't!).
I had 2 LO is this months Scrapbooking Memories!! YAY  nearly at my goal just have to get one on Aden in and I have got all the kids in the mag!  Next...A cover ! ( a girl can dream can't she!)

Extremely happy with my fitness and weight loss too I ran another 3 ks on the weekend and shaved 45 seconds off my time. That doesn't really sound much, but when you are running......it is HEAPS!  I could walk and recovered really well too!

Not going to a basketball tournament I have a whole weekend to just scrap! I cannot wait and I hope the mojo stays for a little while longer!
The pink elephant have a new challenge up tomorrow check it out.



aussiescrapper said...

Oh my gosh, you are super mum, literally, wow, how do you fit all that into your busy day, you must have awesome time managment skills, I saw both gorgeous layouts in the mag and was so happy, "I know her", I am actually published for the very first time in SCreations this month, and you will be on the cover I am sure of it, tell your DS he looks very handsome, wow braces do a wonderful job hey, even if they do break the bank.....Love Melxx

Danielle said...

Cool, I haven't been getting any scrappin mags of late, will have to pick one up this arvo. Well done Ange!!

kim.mom said...

WOW!!! Your LOs are GORGEOUS!!!! Kudos to you for working so hard on your fitness....you motivate me!

itsabrt said...

Look at those teeth! Your layout of your daughter is amazing she is lovely and all your details are great! Beth

Kris said...

Hiya ange,
Congrats on getting 2 layouts published, that is awesome!. I love the one of your daughter. So i guess if you are on a fitness campaign you have to cut back on a few wines...lol ( or maybe not, just run further!...ha ha ha)