Happy mother's day to me!

I sort of missed out on brekkie as we had insterstate visitors turn up in the morning and when they left I had to get ready to take the boys to football!
I did the shopping and had the in-laws and SIL and her family so I made a heap of salads and a huge roast pork and we all had a really lovely time together.
not really a family photo unless we pull faces (won't put this on facebook as the kids would kill me! lol) but seeing as they don't read this! bahaaabaabaahahahah!
I got some great prezzies! new jammies, a massage at a local spa! (YAY) and some cables I apparently needed! to watch avi's?!?
Aden & Lachlan did a Interschool Cross country run and both did pretty well. Lachlan placed in the top 20 I think he was 18th and Aden finished 4th.  He was a little disappointed as he came 3rd last year.  There were so many in each race, I was so proud of them both!!!
Christie is really on cloud nine at the moment, she was selected for the Vic Uni womens basketball team to play in Perth in September. WOO HOO ....now for some fundrasing!


Marisa said...

You should be a proud mama with those wonderful achievements of your kids :D Great looking group :D

Marcy said...

the family pic esp. the son too old to pull funny faces LOL I really like your above layout and the card is sooo prefectly pretty!