We went to Ballarat this weekend with some gorgeous friends in a beautiful house for a basketball tournament. The boys all did so well! Winning some of their games and both Aden & Lachlan's team getting to the grand finals both winning in absolute thrillers and both my boys were awarded the MVP trophies at the end. Patrick was picked to play in an Interleague football side at Werribee. He had a great time, even though his side were smashed in both games.
I had fun playing with my camera on sports mode for these indoor shots. Still Not as good as I'd hoped but I go to enough basketball games that I am sure that I will get the elusive shot one day!

Really proud of these boys! They try so hard, they are such team players and they live and breathe ANY type of sport. As a mother, my heart just bursts seeing them enjoy themselves, and watching their drive and determination and giving their all in everything they do.

see ya :)

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Sue said...

love the action shots!