My Last LO for Wicked Princesses

Bit sad this is over, I have thoroughly enjoyed this competition. When it first started, I thought how the hell are they going to incorporate the seven sins into challenges? and then I thought "how the HELL and I going to DO a LO on them!" I am pretty happy with most of them. This last one was LUST with the criteria (which I read properly this time!) blue & white, 3 shades of blue, chipboard elements. We are thinking about downsizing our 4WD as Christie is driving and NEVER comes with us anymore, Aden will have his licence soon. So it makes sense to get a little 5 seater. I would like an Audi (I would really like any SMALL car truth be told) but I wanted my LO to have a prestigious car coz a Ford Focus didn't quite have the same ring to it lol!
This is the bonus card with the LOVE theme with 2 chip embs.
Had a bit of time when I finished, so I made these two as well. I just love the Melissa Frances rub ons! they are perfect for cards.
And take two with the Italy card from a previous post! I was really unhappy with my measuring on the other card... I had to do it again (and I am so NOT a perfectionist!) anyway I am happy with the second one. Thanks Sue!
see ya :)


Natalie said...

Hey Ange,
All of your LO's for the Deadly Sins were just gorgeous and I love the Audi/Focus one ;)...hehehe. Dam would love an Audi but I doubt he would let the kids sit in it...lol.
Counting down!!!
Hugs, Nat:)

Danielle said...

All you layouts are beautiful... Thx for visiting me talk soon

Sue said...

this one looks just perfect!!