Happy Birthday to You

Hello!!  It feels like forever since I have been here!!  I have, over the past couple of days I have had no Internet, we really do place way too much time with our devices! after I cried for 5 hours (lol) I actually went outside and joined the human race! It was rather fun!
Anyway I treated myself some much needed craft time and thoroughly LOVED it.  My lovely friend Suzanne had a birthday recently, and she has a very healthy love and affection for Minnie & Micky mouse!  My card today is for her and I hope she likes it ( I haven't given it to her yet!!!)
Scrapbook Boutique has the details on how to replicate this card along with the products used too!

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lostinpaper said...

As soon as I saw this card I knew who it was for lol. I have current pics of my niece with the same headgear over at Disney as we speak. LOVE it!