A Christmas Banner

Hello!  The first day of summer and Christmas is not that far away.........
Seriously though, I cannot believe how fast this year has flown!  I know it is maybe getting old, everyone says that!!!

I broke my GOLDEN CHRISTMAS RULE # 443 and decorated before 1st December..... I have a really busy weekend and the following two weeks are going to be hectic, so it looks like Christmas in my house ALREADY!  I told a friend and she sent me this....

sorry Rudolf :(   a bit harsh I think!
Anyway it was a few days early OR halfway through December!  I don't have a problem making Christmas related things and I whipped this banner up in no time flat!  Once you have your "word" is really justs becomes a production line!
Head on over to 
Scrapbook Boutique
to grab all products used and details on the "how to" as well.

 I do like this MFT Jumbo Dienamics banner and I've made a few 21st and a wedding one too


lostinpaper said...

Ba Humbug, put your Christmas tree up whenever you want, mine is going up December next year lol. But that's cause I'm not going to be here this year, but I'm planning it anyway. Great banner, I've never made anything like this, looks like you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous banner. The poor deer! Glad to hear I'm not the only one running crazy :)