Always say YES to sprinkles

 Hi there,  to quote Homer Simpson..... mmmmm Donuts....! Yummy.  I popped some Diamond Dust on the donut and it looks SO COOL!  I was stuck for ways to make sure that Diamond Dust didn't go EVERYWHERE.... and you know the answer???? EXTRA WIDE DOUBLE SIDED TAPE! my new best friend!! Makes the whole process SO MUCH EASIER! head on over to Scrapbook Boutique to purchase and to see the "how to" details!


lostinpaper said...

Yes, those sparkles are perfect on your donut! I've also had my eye on the wide tape... but I keep telling myself that I have sheets of it that are the same (basically) that I haven't used yet, but I know I will probably cave lol.

Anita in France said...

How fun, Ange, the diamond dust sugar coating is so delicious ... and I love the background DP ... fabulously graphic! Thanks so much for popping by ... and for your lovely words! Anita :)