MY Expensive MONTH!

Hi there! I've had such a busy busy time here and unfortunately any craft time goes out the window. :( We have had 3 milestone birthdays here with my boys turning 16, 18 and 21 all within ten days of each other ( I know, not well planned....) and SO EXPENSIVE!!!!
First off was my baby's birthday.  Patrick didn't want a party or to do anything really!! He had a friend over and they went to the movies.  He didn't even want a special dinner.  Obviously has an image to uphold (LOL) we are way too daggy to be seen in public with.......

 He also went for his LEARNER permit OH MY GOODNESS... I have never known terror like it, except when Christie got behind the wheel for the first time!  We went to the back of nowhere and I gave him the spiel and Aden graciously volunteered his car (my car is a manual and deemed too much too soon....)  Actually I am exaggerating a little........ I spend 500% of my life exaggerating lol
He wasn't too bad although he kept veering off to the left and I felt as if we were going to go off road. Still I am going to pay an Instructor to do the terrifying bit and get him back in the car when he is a little more road/traffic/depth of perception is on track and aligned......   He, by the way, think he is an AWESOME driver.

Next was Lachlan's 18th and all the kid wanted was to get his licence!!!! I feel very comfortable with him driving, so I thought he wouldn't have a problem ( and he didn't).  He didn't want a party either, so we had a family dinner and went local as Christie had a basketball grand final that night and we have to support all the children...lol It was perfect actually as it gave Lachlan and his friends a chance to go to the bar (legally) and have a few birthday drinks before going back to our house for the cake.

Christie, by the way, WON her grand final! and because she HATES to be left out, I have popped a little pic of my princess with her medal!

Next, 10 days later, was Aden's 21st.  He didn't want a party either!!  We did go out for dinner and then off to the casino.  It was quite funny at the casino, Aden walked over to a roulette table and plonked a chip on 27 (his birthday) and it came up, then he popped it on his basketball number, I think, and it came up! he couldn't lose!  Lachlan "borrowed" $5.00 and turned it into $300!!
Number 27 came up at least 8 times and Aden was on it every time.  Lachlan had a chip on 16 and it came up and he didn't take it off for the next spin, "Let it ride mum!" and it came up again! It was such a fun end to the night and I'm sure they will remember it for a long time to come.
I did, however, try to explain BEGINNER'S LUCK but I think it fell on deaf ears!

 anyway I have been sneaking away to my craft room here and there and will share soon! Thanks for popping in!

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Sue said...

we can all see who the favourite is here, there are 2 photos of Pat and only one of each of the others-lol!! they are all growing up so darn quick, soon you wont have to drive anyone anywhere! :)