Yes It's A Go!

After MONTHS and MONTHS of research, reading, going to travel fairs, talking to people, surfing the net......Christie and Tom have FINALLY booked their dream holiday to America!! I am so excited for them......but SO UNBELIEVABLY nervous for them. I want them to go and experience the absolute wonder and excitement  that travel can bring.......but I want them to be safe and hurry home....
They have really done their homework and saved lots and now all they have to do is finalise some accommodation and some sporting events they would like to attend and then the countdown begins......mind you Christie has been counting down since January 2012 lol

Hop along to Scrapbook Boutique, they have instructions on how to recreate this LO.
thanks for popping in.



lostinpaper said...

How exciting for them and what a wonderful memory to scrap! They are going to have so much fun!

Teresa Kline said...

how exciting....I hope you find the US welcoming...let me be the first American to welcome you to our country...have a super amazing time!

enjoy *~*

Rom-a said...

super praca