It's real to me NOW!!!

After watching Aden go off to uni every day last year and hearing his stories about getting his private pilots licence, it didn't seem real to me that he was actually learning to fly!  That is until I actually saw him take off and land at a local airfield.  I had goosebumps watching him and I was also very very proud!!
He was totally confident and in control and made me a little more relaxed knowing that he really does know what he is doing!!
Crikey!!! It is real to me now!

Scrapbook Boutique has a full list of products used and a tutorial on their site.


Anonymous said...

Such a fantastic LO,and what a fab story! Love that you have recorded it to keep forever!

Sue W said...

Oh I love this layout and the story attached to it!!!! This is truly the way to record such a great story.

Susan Hogan said...

Bet it is! Congratulations - on raising him and on such a lovely layout to tell the story. To me,this is what scrapping is all about - not the tissy pages of little nothings but the true stories told well and enhanced by some brilliant layouts.

Linda said...

That would seem surreal Angela - I can only imagine. Great moment captured - love the whimsy of the clouds and birds.

Sue said...

awesome layout to mark this monumental occasion!! :)