Sometimes it's just easier.......

to just let me get my photo and I'll leave you alone!!!  It is NO USE! You will fail! resistance is useless! If I WANT a certain photo because I want to document something....NOTHING WILL STOP ME! Most of my family have learnt the hard way and some of the more agreeable ones (Christie & Lachlan) just get it over and done with as soon as possible!

I really wanted everyone to wear a Santa hat this year and I had a great little project in mind....A little book with all they wanted for that year and what they actually received (it is still in its planning stage though!)

Anyway after seeing the Prima North Country pad, with all the snowflakes, I knew what I wanted to do.....

Check out the husband on the top left! Clearly, he understands that I'm taking no prisoners! lol

I wanted a snow theme but I cannot get my head around this really as our Christmas is smack in the middle of summer...although lately it has been freezing on Christmas Day.
I am slowly working my way through Scrapbook Boutiques MFT Dies!!LOL
and the snowflake one was perfect!

Scrapbook Boutiques blog will have the tutorial for this LO.

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lostinpaper said...

What a fantastic 'little book' idea!! Love the flakes and how they look like they are hanging and such a great colour combo too!

Sue W said...

OOoh so funny Angela.....your husband has that look my husband gets when I point a camera at him!!!!

Love your book idea too though I think this would also make a great Family Christmas card.

Liou said...

interesante y divertido

Sue said...

You have made these papers sing!!! good to see your persistence with the photography, the photos are fabulous!! :)