Well Thank Goodness THAT month is over!!!

September is SUCH a busy (an expensive) month for us..... the three boys are the 7th, 17th and 27th and I have to be super organised and have things bought and wrapped way before otherwise it really wipes me out financially! It is especially hard these days as they want clothes and God forbid I pick them...... so now I squirrel money away and I set a limit (always go over it though!)

My baby, Patrick turned 14

Lachlan turned 16

Aden turned 19

Gone are the days when I made their cakes..... No one wants my cakes anymore :(
the caramel cheesecake is the flavor of the year.

Don't you just LOVE instagram!!!!

and then my 21st yesterday....... Yes Aden thought it would be funny if my cake had Happy 21st! Angela!  seeing as I always told them I was 21 when they were younger!!
I went out for lunch and dinner yesterday and ate way too much.....
I went to big W to get some photos printed for a retreat I am going on soon and centre stage are CHRISTMAS TREES!!! what the!! let me have my freaking birthday before we start on the Christmas thing!!!

Going to pick Lachlan up soon, he has been away on a school trip to the Northern Territory.  Cannot wait to see him, two weeks is a long time!

Don't think I'd hold one of these.....even with its mouth taped......

sorry no craft this post....
soon ! xx


Ange Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Ange and to all the boys too! God, you are so lucky to be only 21 (LOL), wish I were still 21 ha! xx Ange

Sue W said...

Missed your B'Day but it sounds like a great day! Beautiful family you have, lucky girl!!!

Sue said...

Happy 21st birthday lovely!!! the pics are fabulous, love Pat's all in black!! for a 21 year old you take a gorgeous photo too-lol!!!!