loving school holidays!.........

I love that I can sleep in, I usually wake at the same time but I love to just lie there and listen to the radio.  Then I read the paper back to front and have my brekkie and coffee. The lazily check emails and chat on some forums and waste another hour before I decide to have a shower....all the while doing the happy dance that i don't have to make any bl**dy lunches!! (my most detested chore!!!) I gave myself the day off today seeing as the house was clean and all my other jobs could wait another day and spent the afternoon (I did waste the morning fluffing around) in my extremely messy scraproom!
My scrapfreak 30 day challenge is going well! I cannot believe I am still going. I am loving getting some Lo's done...and if I could only get started on my Thailand album, I would be extremely happy!!!

On the weekend, Christie and I went to my cousins Kitchen Tea.  I had to drag Christie along because I thought I wouldn't know anybody and she complained the whole way there.......I think she thought she could find a better way to spend the afternoon!
Having Christie there, meant I could indulge in some bubbly! and those who know me....know I DO like my champers! Well we both had so much fun and I recommend it to anyone! and they were delicious! We decorated 12 each and I am surprised that there are still a few left.

Need to work out how to get my photos on to my computer from my iphone, (do I just email them to myself?) anyway these are the ones that are left......we ate all the best ones hahahahah!

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Sue Kohler said...

you are just waaaay too funny! You indulging in a little bubbly- no chance!!! Loving your touch of creativity not only in your crafting but also those yummy cup cakes!! :)