Wicked Princesses are having a cyber Crop tonight! heaps of challenges and prizes
Just been told off by mother dearest that there is NO personal kids stuff anymore! :( oh well just for the rellos........

The boys first day of Term 2 and Patrick loved getting in the blazer and tie.  He asked his dad to help knot it but the kids wouldn't let him as his way was way too "gay"  since when has a windsor knot been gay!  Aden's blazer isn't too tight he just has a massive bag full of books on his shoulder!

I bought this feathers and ostrich feather wool years ago, to make a blanket whilst watching my boys play football ( does this sound familiar......) anyway it has been sitting in the cupboard for years and years and my friend Lauraine who knits as fast as anything and must have been bored said she would make it for me! I know it defeats the purpose of doing it myself, but what the hell, it was NEVER going to get done heheheh!
I cannot seem to take a good photo but this baby is magnificent! the ostrich feathers has a blue/red colour intertwined and she has randomly placed it in the panels and I just love love love it to death and it is the warmest thing ever! Perfect for the footy.  I am still crocheting by the way! I need Lauraine to start me off again as my starts are pretty pathetic......

Aden competed in his last ever Athletics sports day at school :( he did the 800 (3rd) and the 1500 (4th) and relay (2nd) Don't think he is going any further this time.  Lachlan just "forgot" his runners and walked the 1500 and did Javelin (?) Patrick, being his first sports had a ball and loved the loud music and the carnival atmosphere of the day.  He just went in the Javelin too.  I don't think he has ever thrown one in his life before!  I couldn't see him because it was on the other side of the oval and I didn't want to be a daggy mum and watch! plus he would have killed me if I did! lol.
anyway going to get me stuff ready for the CC! hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Ange, I'm with you on the windsor knot!!! The blanket is fabulous!

Natalie said...

Love that blanket!!! Since she is super fast...hint hint. :). Oh by the way, I am blogging again...kinda missed it. Oh and the kettle was boiled and you never arrived. Did you get lost...lol. Hugs.