Patrick made his confirmation

Last Sunday at St. Patrick's Cathederal! He was adamant he wanted to wear a suit! It was about 36 C and boiling hot I thought he was goint to faint!

A lovely old church and Patrick picked his Joseph as his confirmation name (after his paternal great grandfather)  we all went out for dinner afterwards.  So all done now, they are all full card carring micks!

Had some spare time on Friday so I thought I increase my card stash! I went to Paperific yesterday and was a little disappointed that there weren't as many stalls as usual....... Hardly any new things. :( Did manage to buy a few things though lol
We had a scare the other day thought we'd lost our cat Bonnie! This fatty is too scared to go outside and we couldn't find her for 90 minutes......very scary Christie was crying "she's dead she's dead" and I quietly thought she was too but anyway I think she is deaf now and couldn't hear us calling.
Anyway.....good news we found her or she found us!

She is a beautiful old thing, Christie got her for her 4th birthday and she hasn't caused us a minutes bother!
anyway see ya ;)


countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Oh Ange your young man's a good looker, especially in a suit.
Loving your cards too, great work.

aussiescrapper said...

Oh I am so glad Bonnie is not lost she is gorgeous, I had my son christened whilst down in Sydney and your son looks like a larger version of him in his suit, very handsome. I just love love the cards you made, love the stitching and what you did with the Die Cuts with a view bird card.