Happy 12th Birthday Paddy Boy!

My little baby Patrick was 12 the other day. He decided that he wanted to do pretty much what he did last year! He wanted to go to Gold Class and see UP in 3D and then laser tag and then the arcade games ( yeah I am made of money didn't ya know!) The Gold Class was ok because If you bought a magnum ice-cream you got a GC for half price.  It was a great day and a fabulous movie with a few sad bits nearly got a tear up!  The boys just loved the luxury of GC. They all got the kids package of  nuggets & chips OR pizza and a coke popcorn and a choc top.  Then they played laser tag (for all of 10 minutes) and then I gave them all  credit vouchers the for arcade games.

this is what I got for my $60 ($15 each!) I could of gone into the reject shop and purchased the lot for $6.00 ah well, they had a ball!
An ice-cream cake (fantastic) and all he wanted was Tech Decks and all the arenas so that he could build his own skate park!
That thing above is 9 seperate pieces and between $15-$25.  I am coming back a a children's toy maker! sheesh!

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